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About Us

We are a Non-Profit organization dedicated to depicting the oppression of the Ukrainians through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). We raise awareness for the casualties of war through digital art of Ukrainian culture, displaying its unique and distinct beauty. All revenue from sold NFTs will be used to support displaced Ukrainian refugees. We also establish several collaborative global humanitarian projects which you can visit from our Projects tab.


Our Story

We are ESpero (meaning 'hope' in Spanish!), a non-profit organisation led by high school students in Singapore. Head over to Through victim's lenses for snapshots of the Russo-Ukrainian war, or consider purchasing an NFT on our OpenSea site. 


All proceeds will be disbursed to refugee-aiding organizations such as Razom for Ukraine, GlobalGiving, Project HOPE, Project CURE, World Central Kitchen, International Medical Corps, Samaritan's Purse, UkraineWorld Hope International, A Chance in Life and many, many more. ​


These organisations provide medical supplies and services, consumables, general assistance and monetary aid to the Ukrainian refugees, helping them reestablish their new lives in foreign countries.

Our Purpose

We may not be able to fully comprehend the experiences and living conditions of the Ukrainians, but we have been inspired by the bravery of the nation and its citizens. As such, we hope to raise awareness through photographs, personal accounts or even letters, and thus capture the repercussions of the conflict on the Ukrainian refugees. Still, we further our involvement through more direct means- raising funds. We have set up NFTs as a means of acquiring donations and funds regardless of donor location; proceeds go to the above aforementioned organisations.


Will our efforts help all refugees? No. But don't discount us.
Our site isn't a platform for advertisement alone. It's a collection of memories, a tribute, a transcription, an epitaph, a bastion of hope.

Core Founders of ESpero

Special thanks to our volunteers


Bruce Yu Lepeng

Brendan Hendrata

Ryan Mah

Marcus Hui

Jeremy Kek Jianbin

Jarrell Khoo Jia Ming

Ryan Chua

Kai Wei


Joel Teo

Aryton Poh



Project Manager(Project Reality)

Consulting Advisor

Project Manager

Software Engineer

Graphical Designer

Graphical Designer

Software Engineer


Marketing Specialist


Digital Literacy Project

Bilingual Training Program

Gu Mingyoujia

Isabelle Chia Ru Yi

Lee Loch Kean

Yeo Hong

Fu Yuheng

Jarrell Khoo Jia Ming


Nitya Bhat

Isabelle Chia Ru Yi

Gavyn Oh Tzo Thea

Luke Jonathan Koh

Bruce Yu Lepeng

Ryan Mah

Vaibhavi Rajesh

Joel Loh Quan Yu

Ryan Mah

Clement Angelo

Parkhi Alakh Ajey

Mark Gabriel Yang

Brendan Hendrata

Project Leader:



ESpero volunteers:

Project Leader:


ESpero volunteers:

Ashley Liu

Christine Wang

Jeanne Huang

Ashley Wang



Lich Wang

Co-founder of ESpero North America

Project Leader

Digital Artist

Digital Artist


Software Engineer

Software Engineer & Website manager


Benjamin Tian

Software Developer



Our Partners

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